#038. Blossoms of solace

Gepubliceerd op 5 mei 2024 om 06:00

It's already our second week here in Norway. We recently had a mini move from the center of Oslo to Greverud, a village about 8 kilometers away from Ski. On June 3rd, we'll be moving to our final destination in Ski, and our belongings will be delivered. I'm looking forward to finally settling in.

Integration and Exploration

Last week, we embarked on a major shopping trip to Sweden, where prices are significantly lower than here. Our rental car's trunk was packed to the brim ;-). Martijn had Wednesday off for Labor Day, and the weather was fantastic, perfect for further exploration of the area.


Nature's Beauty

The natural surroundings here are breathtaking, with babbling brooks, forests filled with wood anemones, fluttering butterflies, and cheerful birdsong. It's a delightful place to unwind, something I really needed! Our current apartment boasts a small garden with a cherry tree in full bloom. It serves as a reminder of life's transience and the hope that returns year after year, promising new growth and blossoming. This thought puts us in a contemplative state, allowing us to be guided by the emotion and symbolism of the nature around us.

Productivity and Reflection

In addition to photography, I'm using this time to tidy up, organize, and tackle some overdue tasks. I'm also contemplating my photography project and larger business concept. And of course, I make sure to carve out some time to relax with a good book.

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