Welcome to my online exhibition!

My name is Nanda Bussers, a healing artist, and I invite you to explore my exhibition.

Embark on a journey through the Healing Heart(h) Exhibit, where solace and inspiration await around every corner.

This online expo, featuring nature photos, can support you on your journey through grief, offering comfort and solace.

Browse through my photos of flowers, butterflies, trees, landscapes, and animals. But also through abstract photos where the power and energy of colors can positively impact.

Let my images guide you towards healing.

Welcome to a brief exercise designed to assist you on your journey through grief. Art Based Learning suggests that 'you are what you see and you see what you are'. Hence, the photo you select for this task holds deeper significance than mere chance; it carries a message within it that holds importance for you.

Step 1: Formulate a personal question like: "How can I enhance my ability to cope with loss?"

Step 2: Select a photo from my exhibition that resonates with you. Describe the photo in the first person and contemplate its significance. 

Take the time to re-establish a connection with my photo. Examine it and vocally describe it in the first person, for example: "I am warm red and soft yellow, a part of me is blurry and a part of me is very sharp." You may perceive new elements now, and that's perfectly okay. Remain open to what arises.

Step 3: Listen to what the photo communicates to you. Ponder which aspects of the photo draw your attention, the emotions it elicits, and what this might signify about your circumstances. Reflect on the insights about life that emerge.

Step 4: Jot down all that comes to mind. Set a 10-minute timer and let the words flow spontaneously, uninterrupted. Allow your 'unknown thoughts' to surface.

This assignment is inspired by artist Iris Depasse.